COBRA - Continuous Evaluation Tool

This tool allows to characterize and fit into a single maturity model – the “as-is” of and organization – and designs the processes to be implemented to achieve the “to-be?”, according to the objectives defined by the organization.

It also allows assessing the level of alignment between IT and Business, including an evaluation model and a recommendation system of measures based on a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) for the benefits, risks and costs of information systems. The support for this risk analysis is based on ISO 31000, the best-known standard for risk management.


Possibility of carrying out self-assessments on the part of the user, so that he/she will have a notion of their degree of maturity in relation to the processes they intend to certify.


Possibility to register evidence of the evaluations and later to be reviewed by analysts with knowledge of the norms/frameworks scope of the evaluation made.

Have you already evaluated the level of alignment between IT and your business?

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