Evaluates the Maturity of the Implementation

Cobra is a continuous evaluation tool for the implementation’s maturity level of IT Governance frameworks and standards to support improvement and/or comparison analysis, making it possible to perceive the maturity level of an organization and recommend the roadmap for achieving other levels of maturity objectives.


Definition of the desired procedural objectives and self-service registration of the questionnaires supporting the maturity evaluation and the evidence associated with this evaluation of each of the objective processes, within the norms and supported frameworks;


Base support for the following standards/frameworks: COBIT, ITIL, ISO 20000, ISO 31000 and ISO 27001;


Elaboration of recommendations for the achievement of the intended objectives;


(Optional) support to the review by the analyst of the norm of data collected in self service, with the purpose of validating the self-service evaluation;


Process mapping associated with each of the indicated standards and frameworks, allowing the evaluation of the maturity degree of the entity against different intended regulatory objectives;


Possibility to carry out evaluations according to a periodicity to be defined, allowing continuity in the assessment of the entity state against the objectives it outlined.

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