Support improvement and/or comparison analysis

Support improvement and/or comparison analysis

– The design of a model that adds the different IT Governance frameworks (taken into account in this project), as well as the respective Maturity Models.

– A prototype self-assessment of the state of development of IT Governance in an organization (Questionnaire).

– A prototype of a predictive model that allows to indicate to the organization the measures and processes that must be implemented in such a way that it evolves in its state of development of IT Governance.

These deliverables must also be able to be integrated into a single tool that can be made available to Compta BS teams within the project execution time horizon so that they can test in real environment.

This tool should allow the following results:

– A reduction of 30% in the average time needed to process the processes, to identify the recommendations and to define the new processes to be implemented.

– The automation of 50% of deliverables delivered or produced in a typical IT Governance project, with the consequent reduction of the costs involved.

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