This project consists in the creation of a continuous evaluation tool for the implementation’s maturity level of IT Governance frameworks and standards to support improvement and/or comparison analysis, making it possible to perceive the maturity level of an organization and recommend the roadmap for achieving other levels of maturity objectives.


This tool allows to characterize and fit into a single maturity model – the “as-is” of and organization – and designs the processes to be implemented to achieve the “to-be?”, according to the objectives defined by the organization.


On the other hand, it is intended that this tool will assess the level of alignment between IT and the Business, including an evaluation model and a measurement recommendation system based on a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) analysis for benefits, risks and costs of information systems.


The aim is to find and conglutinate in an agile way the best of each of these IT Governance frameworks, norms, models and good practices and put them into a single tool that will speed up the adoption of your IT Governance processes.


This tool will revolutionize the market through its simplified approach and through the incorporation of self-assessment models and learning models. In addition, it will change the business model of Compta BS, leading to a new paradigm of action of its consultants, by facilitating its approach in adapting the different frameworks of IT Governance to the organizations’ reality.


In a later stage of maturity of the prototype, we will transform this methodological approach into a mass-use tool, leading Compta BS to a transformation of its business model (manufacturer, product).

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